Meet Nouf in PRIDE of arabia

100 Years into the future the Great War has come to an end. Our story begins in the posy-apocalyptic era of Saudi Arabia.

With so many men having perished in the war, women are now on the rise. Accused of showing male behavioural traits, women were forced to do their work in hiding - not a good look for rebels! For every woman who soar ot the top the ruling monarchy has a sickly plan for her downfall. Some of them thrive on merciless revenge; others, escaping wretched enslavement, turn pain into power…

This is a universe where the lioness doesn`t settle until she eats her prey, then spews it out for all the world to see. The fight between good and evil is the fight she thrives on.

Can you handle it? The fight begins with one, but we are many!